August 1st 2000

Examine the Spiritual Teachings and the phenomena as it happens within the teaching halls of Higher Spiritualism, the Spiritual Revolution for Social Change. Consider the accuracy of the description in the Prophecy for the month of September 2001 of that tragic moment when the passenger plane flew into the tower of glass, "Karmic Spear Now Returns, Radiation hot it Burns".

The following Prophecy was given to the world on the first of August 2000, warning of things to come to America in consequence of her actions of death and destruction around the world.

God does not bless the Warmonger.


Next September, Month to Remember

Mankind so Blind

Ignorant of Spirit World, Left Far Behind

Karmic Spear Now Returns

Radiation hot it Burns

All is Static

Most Eratic

Water, Water, Everywhere

Not a drop to Spare!

Mankinds Fear, Hold them Near

All so dear!

Sri Sunkara Sankaracharya

The October 2001 Prophecy for America and the World is revealed in Spiritual Revelation # 26, "Behind the Bush", from the Spiritual News Desk.

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