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Under Australian Law, to become a member of the Corporate body, you are required to complete a formal application and be proposed and seconded.

If you wish to become an Associate Corporate Member of The John From Movement Incorporated, Click here, to download the Membership application. Also, please complete the Personal Details Form for the Proposer and Seconder verification. Print out and sign the Application, then fax or return mail both Forms to The John From Movement Incorporated P.O BOX 1389 Bondi Junction, 1355, N.S.W. Australia.
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John From Movement Inc - Total Web Site

Permission to download, print or duplicate the material on this website is denied unless a donation is made. We work on the honour system and rely on your loving support.
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Sun-Driven Solar Panel System

Participating Sponsor


Sponsorship One Personal


Sponsorship One Family


Sponsor One Village


All of the above Donors will receive a Celebration Pack of souvenir photographs of the beneficiary Indigenous Family or Village, together with email confirmation and communications.
Monthly Sponsorship
A regular monthly commitment for village medical supplies, hygiene and water supply equipment.


Donate $50 for monthly sponsorship


Donate $100 for monthly sponsorship


Water Supply
Sponsorship One Family


Sponsorship One Village


Corporate Summary, John From Movement Inc.


Generic Introduction to John From Movement Inc.


Esoteric Introduction to John From Association


Introduction to the History of Spiritualism. Join regular Internet Spiritual Communion Services, for spiritual revelation about death, God, life, soul and spirit, free from dogma.



Check your choice, make the appropriate donation and your books will be mailed.
Religion & State - Outstanding Truth
The classic Text book of the Millenium
Spiritual Philosophy


Mars and Beyond
The Seven Denials of Mankind
Blockages to the Lost Civilizations


Agency Induced Death Sentence. Shocking Revelation.Evidence for the Cruelest Scam of the Century


Title List is supplied to Members only.
Audio Cassette




Reservations with Donations are now being accepted for the following Works in Progress.

"The Feature Film"
Participating Sponsorship
"John From" The full length movie-
The Spiritual Journey in Docudrama form.
A total of 40 units of $250,000 per unit.


To request a non-disclosure agreement please email us so we can send you the Feature Film Trailer (Interpic).
Feature Film Trailer option and deposit


Video Short Docudramas
John From in Papua New Guinea


John From in Vanuatu


John From in Fiji


John From in the Solomons


The Peace Chest
Life Member


Centennial Member


Samaritan Member


Kapelian Member



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