Higher Spiritualism - Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters

Have no doubt you were meant to find us.

There are no accidents when Free yet Bound by invisible threads that connect bind and tie. 

Sri Sunkara welcomes all sincere Students to participate in the World wide Internet Study Group of the Teachings of the Real Ascended Masters.

Join in fellowship focussed on personal Spiritual Growth parallel in Commitment to the Implications of Life after Death.  Education of this FACT to replace FAITH & FICTION – we have the Evidence now proven beyond debate.

You may select from the following choices your Direction of travel. 

I am available to recommend the Complimentary Lessons, answer Questions, via Email for Private or via the International Study Group where you will meet those of like mind who participate the Public Lyceum Forum.

You who read these words have initiated a “Rite of Passage”, completion of an Ancient Ceremony, a leap in Spiritual Consciousness for mankind and beginning of a New Ceremony of Darma for yourself. 

Sri Sunkara         


Published on  February 11th, 2014