Welcome to the Church of Higher Spiritualism Incorporated.

Your application for Membership in Association with the Church is now accepted. You were duly nominated and seconded as per Appendix 2,(Rule 3(1)) of the Rules of Association.

Please consider the completed Application process with the Association and Membership body as an Initiation into Spiritual commitment and Soul growth. The obstacles and pitfalls, side issues and distractions become Karmically overwhelming to many who have sought Truth. To associate with this organization is consciously to link hands with the Divine, with the Spirit world, with God and represents a giant leap forward for the entire race. We can and are making a difference. We will have surprises and events world wide as together, we head into the Space Age and beyond.

Please return the personal detail Form so we may serve you better. Spiritual Counseling from our Spiritual Professionals is available via a "Telegram from Spirit." Spiritual Healing will be directed to those Members who request a Healing by Spiritual Petition.

The List of Spiritual Revelations and Lessons available for your edification may be accessed on the Members Index, Index Page.

The Books, "Religion & State" and "Aids" are recommended to you. Consider the opportunity to become involved as a Spiritual Leader in Higher Spiritualism. As the worldwide movement continues to grow, local groups form in Worship, fellowship and in Association. Each geographical area requires a Spiritual Coordinator or Spiritual Leader in Training. Soul growth appears to unfold on a curve parallel to involvement. Spiritual Leadership is the fastest Path. For Members interested in Spiritual Leadership please acquire the Spiritual Leader Manual & Texts.

The Members are the Sacred Objects, the precious Gems of this Church. We do, however give as Commemoration gifts, beautiful Spiritually Imbued Sacred Objects to our Supporters.

We are a Spiritual Family that is rooted in God. We are a Spiritual Family that is aligned with God. We love God. We Love and respect one another. We obey the Law of God and follow the Golden Rule. We uphold individual freedom from Tyranny. We seek Justice. We work tirelessly for Godís Law on planet Earth. We are in Harmony with the Elders of the Race and the Higher Spiritualism Teachings. We are a Spiritual Family that will endure. Truth makes the difference. Immortality makes the difference. Our enduring Love in Action is the difference.

In the name of the Creator and Sustainer of Life.



Spiritual Founder

Higher Spiritualism


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