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Like some character out of a novel, he led his wife and two sons from the conventional path into a different way. Cut off from the country of their birth, Australia, for over 23 years, turned aside from family and the outside world, they lived a nameless, faceless existence on the edge of society. With twenty seven house moves in twenty eight years, like a rolling stone they sought level ground, only to be displaced, losing all of physical value. Undaunted they carried on. A Spiritual Mission!

The author feels affinity with Jonathan Swift, the writer of Gulliverís Travels, in that he too at the age of 54, is still unpublished. The author feels compelled to publish anonymously like a modern day Voltaire, who writing copious phamphlets, distributes his works by hand in the underground by-ways of a blind and hostile world.

Who would dare take on the Establishment of the day, the all powerful, the mean spirited elders of the Tribe? Well this author does. I am not going to grow hair to the shoulders, wear robes, take up the Stockwhip of my country upbringing to the City and whip the Bankers onto the streets for the people to see how they are being gouged. Nor shall I lash the Priests, the rabbis, the Hypocrites, the Politicians who deceive. No I shall not crack the Legal professionís serial killers into submission, driving them onto the streets as before. My tongue will not be torn asunder. In time the world will hear the Thunder. I bring the Truth of your emancipation from their slavery, instead. I come as a Peace Maker.

This time the Truth cannot be denied. The mantle of oppression is instantly released. The dead arise in the flash of an eye as the concept of human death is exploded. Life beyond the grave, Life beyond Mars, Life beyond the Stars, Life beyond the Ages of Religious and State Tyranny, Life, Life, Life. Life beyond the Limitations of a corrupt to the core America, in her vain attempts to dominate the world like the last Evil Empire, through her Nuclear Narcistics.

It is real. It is believable. There is Life out there. Instantly, all our posturing puppet leaders of the Revolving Door Clubs, Presidents and Premieres, Tyrants and Popes are relegated to the Museums of a bygone age. This, the Space Age 2000 is around the corner. A world watches the magical Spiritual Land, Australia.

Hear now the Spirit. Extraordinary evidences to convince all mankind are ahead. To make contact with a mind more intelligent than manís is not such a big deal when we examine how unintelligent human behaviour is. Doubt me, then look at the 66 Wars raging around the Globe. Two thousand Tears, thirty million slaughtered, true but Mars, what horror! The ancient wars of Mars created fusion dust storms that raged forever and a day.

The reader may not appreciate the "De-delusioning" of comfortable belief systems. The Truth is in these pages and it brings forth the Idea whose time has come. The groundswell of Spiritual Revelation is within the consciousness of man. There is no stopping it, for God is always Victorious in the end.

Time is the great leveller.


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