John From Movement Incorporated

The Infamous Award winning association of Like Minded Spiritually aware individuals from around the world dedicated to assisting social change for the South Pacific Islanders and All Indigenous Peoples. For the Adventure of a Life Time visit John From to find out what you can do to Make a Difference.

The Space Center
Space Age Plastics Incorporated

As a formal Corporation, we are an Association of like minded people, dedicated to Funding the Development of the manufacturing process which combines Hemp with humanity's Waste product, to produce Space Age Plastics for modular Home construction. We are serious in our determination to halt the decimation of the Planet's timber reserves.

We seek to replace man's need for wood & paper. Hemp for paper, not the Forests. The Corporation will place all surplus funds remaining after the Space Centre returns are known, into Development and implementation of Timber alternatives and the Development of Hydrogen based natural fuels, ending the mining of oil. We are the endangered species, we must act with vigilance, unite and survive.


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