John From Movement Incorporated
The Infamous Award winning association of Like Minded Spiritually aware individuals from around the world dedicated to assisting social change for the South Pacific Islanders and All Indigenous Peoples. For the Adventure of a Life Time visit John From to find out what you can do to Make a Difference.

For a broad introduction to Spiritual Concepts and Metaphysics, the Gateaway to Spiritualism, please visit the University Of Metaphysical Sciences at

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Out of the Dark, Inc.

Your one stop spot for information relating to WitchCraft, Magic, Witches, Wicca, Goddess Worship, Pagan and other Earth Centered and Nature based Religious Faiths.

The Definitive Guide to Personal Growth, Self Improvement and Self-Help

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Spiritual Endeavors
Independent nonprofit educational organization for the advancement of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Awareness, dedicated to expanding Consciousness, and awakening Self-Knowledge. An outstanding Multi Award Winning Spiritual, Holistic and Environmental Domain.

Spirit Web The spiritual cyber co-operative for spiritual understanding and solidarity.

Astrology Online : The largest Astrology site online, answers to all your Astrology questions and needs.

United Communities of Spirit
United LightWeavers work to bring peoples from diverse interests and backrounds together to discuss common concerns. Strive to develop ways for the global civilization to live togethere in a more harmonious and inspired way.
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one people Shundahai Network
"Shundahai" is a Newe ( Western Shoshone Nation located in Nevada) word meaning "Peace and Harmony with All Creation" please visit our web page. The Department of Energy, despite the huge international uproar over nuclear testing, still plans on exploding at least two subcritical nuclear weapons tests near our home in the Southern Nevada desert on Sacred Western Shoshone land. We are asking other organizations to do solidarity events at federal buildings in your own localalities. Thank you for all your dedication and energy! Together we can change this destructive path we are on as a society. Peace. - Free Targeted Advertising

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