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Access no less than two outstanding Spiritual Revelations per month. You have a responsibility to support this legitimate Godly Cause. Membership is NOT required.
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Each member will receive a welcome letter detailing the numerous benefits to members including Spiritual counselling, Spiritual healing and a list of current Spiritual Revelations. Individual Spiritual Revelations, being a 4-15 page Spiritual Lesson, are available to members at a special dispensation of only $15.00.
Online Higher Spiritualism Annual Membership is available for only $9.99. Simply click here to become an Online Higher Spiritualism Annual Member.
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Under Australian Law, to become a member of the Corporate body, you are required to complete a formal application and be proposed and seconded.

If you wish to become an Associate Corporate Member of the Church of Higher Spiritualism Incorporated, Click here, to download the Membership application. Also, please complete the Personal Details Form for the Proposer and Seconder verification. Print out and sign the Application, then fax or return mail both Forms to Higher Spiritualism P.O BOX 1389 Bondi Junction, 1355, N.S.W. Australia.
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Spiritual Telegram

Anne N. Swerman, The Higher Spiritualism designated Spiritual Philosopher and Counselor will answer up to three Spiritual questions giving Spiritual Insight and Counsel. This is not a psychic hotline. Please do not ask Questions concerning Money, Health or Legal matters. We make no guarentees, other than sincere, honest dedicated spirit directed Professional counsel. Upon your donation the Spiritual Telegram request form will be emailed to you.
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Spiritual Revelations
Higher Spiritualism's Revelations 1 - 101
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You may Download this Web Site. However please do not copy, unless you have made your Donation. We are an Internet Church, dependant upon your loving support.


Essays and Pamphlets

Introduction and Summary to the Church of Higher Spiritualism Inc.


Memorandum of Articles of Incorporation


Esoteric Intro. to John From Movement Inc. Investigate this public charity in Australia and the South Pacific Islands.


Check your choice, make the appropriate donation and your books will be mailed.
Religion & State - Outstanding Truth
The classic Text book of the Millenium
Spiritual Philosophy


Spiritual Manual
Spiritual Leader in Training Study Group Guidelines


Mars and Beyond
The Seven Denials of Mankind
Blockages to the Lost Civilizations


Agency Induced Death Sentence. Shocking Revelation.Evidence for the Cruelest Scam of the Century


Free Participation


Lyceum provides Spiritual Questions and Answers, posted discussion, Creatures and Spiritual artwork.

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(The Peace Chest, provide for your Spiritual future!)
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Nominated Lasting Trust Donors will receive a Sacred Gemstone which has been Purified and Cleansed in the Holy of Holies and imbued with Spiritual Love.


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Church of Higher Spiritualism Incorporated

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The Church of Higher Spiritualism Incorporated is a NON PROFIT, Religious, Educational Association organized as a Corporation. We commenced regular public church services and Spiritual meetings as an unincorporated association in the Blue Mountains of Australia in 1992.

The objective of the Church is to uplift the Spiritual understanding of mankind by introducing the race to hidden truths about the Nature of man. We are a Tax Exempt organization, however in Australia gifts to a Church are not tax deductible.

Your tithing Donation and Gifts may be deductible in your State of Residence, please seek local Tax advice from a competent Tax Authority.

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