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Introducing Australia’s first Internet Church, the latest most professional Web Site on the Internet. Join us for our regular fortnightly Spiritual Sermon on the Internet.

Welcome to the Internet Church of Higher Spiritualism.

With the advent of the Internet those of like mind are able to come together for Spiritual communion and upliftment in the privacy of their own home. The Sunday ritual of up the hill to the Orthodox Church is fading from view. Regular Spiritual Revelations are available to a worldwide congregation, together with a Spiritual Revelation News Slant from the News Desk on topical World Headlines.

If one examines the customs and beliefs of the cultures of native man, such as Aborigines, or American Indians, one sees that they have in common a strong belief in spirit and some type of survival beyond death. They practice communion with the grandfather spirit for guidance, and have a great love and respect for the land, for nature and mother Earth. In the material culture of today, we have lost this insight and have persecuted the native peoples because of superstitions and fear of the unknown. This worldwide internet Church attempts to remove these superstitions through education and research, based on scientific evidence.

Our society is not educated about the philosophies of the Ancient Wisdom which has been denied man for 2,000 years. Higher Spiritualism brings the ageless Universal Principles to light. Higher Spiritualism’s teachings are based on principles such as the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Higher Spiritualism welcomes all faiths, and reaches out to guide the truth seeker, to educate and offers an alternative viewpoint for the open-minded thinker. The principles and concepts of Higher Spiritualism are the underlying basis of all true, Spiritual, religious philosophy and ideas, transcending orthodox dogma, creeds, superstition and mortal fears.

The Teachings and Concepts of Higher Spiritualism, rooted in physical evidence, affect every aspect of life and prepare one for life or lives ahead, beyond the release of the physical body. We accept that there is a continuum, a cosmic ocean of which we are an intricate cell, unaware as yet of our true nature and potential. Never in recent recorded history has there been such an outpouring of Spiritual phenomena and knowledge from the Higher Realms, coupled with scientific evidence and documentation. Science and religion have come together. The world now has a Spiritual Leader and a worldwide organization to lead us out of Darkness into Light.

The Spiritual location of the Church of Higher Spiritualism is within the heart of man, and now in the Home world wide, thanks to the Internet.

Spiritualism as a modern day Religion can be found in Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Italy, South Africa, South America, the South Pacific, United Kingdom and the United States.

God is not a being. God is. The purpose and reason for life is to find God, to experience Truth, to find self, to know oneself, to polish the character, the outer facets of the Gem of Soul. The quality of one’s thoughts, the unselfish works for humanity, the understanding of God, this is the Discrimination of Life. Please feel free to visit our web site.

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