Welcome to an extract from the Higher Spiritualism Spiritual Revelation titled, "Sex, God & Prostitution" also known as Revelation # 88. We now present an introduction to this Historical Spiritual Revelation for your edification and enjoyment.

"SEX, where would you be without it ?"

Curiosity Killed the Cat, knowledge brought it Back

We have searched for the answers to man's sexual dilemmas in the Theosophical, Metaphysical, Esoteric, Occult and Spiritual Dictionaries of the outer world, from AARON to ZUZIM, from Aaru to Zuni, from A to Z, from Abaddon to Zulu, from Abammon to Zoroaster. Research shows very little Esoteric writing on Sex. In the Glossaries studied we find at most one line of Absolute gibberish or Zilch. Apparently the subject so spurned by the serious writers of the past has now exploded in mountains of orgasmic Jissom across the face of mankind, no longer to be ignored.

Personally, privately, pontificating now, in Church and between you and I and the proverbial pious pillar, I must say regardless of personal Sexual Expression, if stranded upon a desert shore and given a choice twixt Priest and Prostitute, I would select the whore for everyday companionship, for at least we would find Truth.

GOD, the impersonal, pulsing Spiritual Principle of life throbs throughout Nature, in the Harlot, the Heretic, the Hypocrite, the Priest and in the Prostitute. If PROSTITUTION be the act in which one receives reward for sexual favour, is this not a fair exchange and the customer's saviour?

We decree Spiritual Healing now to the profession and its participants. Prostitution can be of good and God; God is no stranger to Prostitution. Courts of Law sworn before God condone Juries, which free the Guilty and punish the innocent. Money, Sex and Power are the drives which are unbalanced in mankind in the fifth race, due to lack of Spiritual knowledge.

Male Penguins pay the female Penguin in stones for sexual favour, the female approaching the male. Scientists have observed 'Penguin Prostitutes.'


Heavy flirting by female Penguins induces males to part with larger Rocks as well as the payment for sex in stones. The stones and the rocks are used by the female in the domestic process of nest protection from the icy waters of the South Pole. The female leaves the male at home with the eggs and heads off for more business, just like Suzie Wong of Hong Kong. We secretly wonder if this behaviour gives new insight into man's need to get his rocks off. We don't apologize; the affairs of man are in such a state that a good sense of humour is imperative for your very survival.

Whatever the nature of your sexual activities, do not invade the space of another. Respect your partner, follow the Golden Rule. This is Spiritual Truth. Please, would the hypocrites stop persecuting the suffering prostitutes, decriminalize the profession and clean out the residue of corruption that surrounds it.

Sex with Asses, Aardvarks, Cats, Cows, Cheese, Dogs, Donkeys, Ducks, Goats, Geese, Steers, Seals, Salamanders, Sheep, Snails and or Fish is not a good thing for humans to participate in, as there can be no consent involved and none implied, masturbation perhaps being the exception. Certainly we hope that you of the surviving fifth root race will have learnt from the mistakes of the negative scientific laboratory and field experiments of the FOURTH race of your species.

Stay within your own particular animal grouping is the Law of Nature.

Sea horses and Mermaids are to be avoided at any tide. Surely you have enough diversity within your own sepentary sexual nature. Masturbation is universal, is healing, need not be chronic, balance as always, the key.

May God bless Pee Wee Hormone.


Nymphomaniacs abound, Necrophilia is on the rise. If someone is attracted to work in a Mortuary, selling coffins may not be their Sexual preference. In California, we understand there are some 30,000 registered Necrophiles, (people who have sex with Cadavers), a strange appetite by any standard.

There is not one Soul in the Kingdom that has not prostrated itself before the Lord. There is not one human who has not prostituted self before God, for mortal gain.


Let the one who has no sexuality, which is sexless, which is without a sexual organ, bodily skin, or brain be the first to condom the prostitute. You with the pure thoughts of God and good come forward now and send Spiritual Healing to the young male prostitutes, to the housewives, to the victimized, to the persecuted, to the Spiritually starved.

We send Spiritual Healing now to all the diverse expressions of human prostitution, within naturally, the bounds of the Golden Rule.

Did you ever wonder if there is Sex after death and if it is better after Death? A wise ponder considering the reality of your survival!

Do not be concerned if you are tuned out sexually for it is a matter of choice. The greatest happiness comes in the union of Soul Mates, monogamous as the swan. Yes, SEX can be far better after death, safer, and procreation free!"

This is the End of the Introduction to the Spiritual Revelation # 88, "Sex, God & Prostitution" which we trust you have enjoyed.


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Truth at Last.

As a Spiritual Movement for Social Change we support freedom from persecution and Sexual liberation for all.

Thank you


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