Welcome to the Teaching Halls Of Higher Spiritualism

Welcome to the Spiritualist Internet Movement for Social Change.

The principles and concepts of Higher Spiritualism are the underlying basis of all true, Spiritual religious philosophy and ideas, transcending dogma, creeds, superstition and mortal fears. 

The Teachings of Higher Spiritualism reflect the reality of personal, individual survival beyond death, now an established fact. Death is simply the shedding of the physical body. You don't die, your body does, that's all. We survive, wake up consciously in one of our other vehicles, not generally familiar to us today. This be Truth, then what is the implication for all mankind to study? 

Personal, individual, conscious survival beyond death is a compelling truth. Personality and Soul become the same. It's how long and how you survive on the other side that the Teachings of Higher Spiritualism address, together with the application of the Golden Rule. Personal accountability, here now, and in the hereafter! 

We are here on Earth as Spiritual beings, stepped temporarily into the density of a physical body, our memory lovingly veiled at rebirth. There is no dogma, fear, superstition, or empty unprovable promises in the Teachings of Higher Spiritualism. The Spiritual Revelations are based on Natural Law which is the Law of Karma, Universal Law, the Spiritual Creative Principle in Action.  

The Teachings and Concepts of Higher Spiritualism, rooted in physical evidence, affect every aspect of life and prepare one for the life or lives ahead, beyond the release of the physical body. We accept that there is a continuum, a cosmic ocean of which we are an intricate cell, unaware as yet of our true nature and potential. The Spiritual Teachings bring insight into the here and now of the human condition, healing through knowledge, balance in nature. 

Spiritual phenomena may be willed, wilful or spontaneous in nature. After phenomena remains inquiry and caution. Scientific evidence both of a physical and Spiritual nature, is the key by which students can unlock a clearer understanding, by developing insight into the Spiritual Revelations and the source of the Teachings. Spiritual insight unfolds over time for the aspirant.

Higher Spiritualism has compiled more evidence in support of its Teachings than all other religions combined together, have accumulated in support of their teachings. 

The following pictures of Katie King give Evidence for the survival of human intelligence and personality beyond the death of the physical body. The pictures, chosen from an impressive collection are submitted as an example only.


Spirit of Katie King Materialises Katie King close-up KK with Sir William Crookes

Three Frames from a series of Photographs taken during a Spiritual Séance in 1874 through the famous Spiritual Phenomena Medium, Florence Cook. The Spirit, Katie King, photographed by Sir William Crookes (the inventor of the Spinthariscope, which led to the discovery of the X Ray, and the discoverer of several of the elements, etc). 

Notice the temporarily solid flesh and blood appearance of this amazing Spirit. The Spirit surviving in the dimension of Spirit returns in the Black out conditions of the Séance room, appearing in a garment of Ectoplasm similar to the look of Cheese cloth. 

Doctor Gully of Malvern is in the foreground testing for a pulse and heart-beat in the Spirit form. Note: Mediumistic Ectoplasm was discovered and coined as a word by Dr Charles Richet, the Noble Prize-winning scientist of France, who researched famous Parisian mediums with his co-researcher, the Berlin psychiatrist and sexologist Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing.

There are numerous examples of Infra red and White light photographic recordings and more recently, video recordings with overwhelming evidence of the return of the so called dead, in the Libraries and Lyceums of Higher Spiritualism Inc. 

Higher Spiritualism accepts individual survival of human consciousness for a time, beyond the grave, there is no death, there are no dead. We are each individually responsible for our acts, and will consciously reap what we sow, as personal, individual survival is proven. Therefore examine the consequences and the implications.  

Spiritualism would give comfort to the mourner, educating by bringing logic, intelligence, love and universal hope through the demonstrated proof within the collective experience of mankind that death is but the gateway to a greater existence.  

Therefore Spiritualists are personally responsible to teach, to inspire, to comfort and to heal.

Sunkara before the gold cloth

This is the adventure of your life. Welcome aboard God's Arc of Ascendence to the pinnacles of your Immortal Self. The Soul will return to God. That is inevitable. Go prepared is the Lesson, for all will go sooner or later. Why not prepare now? Become involved. 

Never in recorded history has there been such an outpouring of Spiritual phenomena and knowledge from the Higher Realms, coupled with the scientific evidence and documentation. Science and religion have come together. The world now has a Spiritual Leader and a World Wide organization to lead us out of Darkness into Light. Let a Spiritual purpose guide the wills of men. 

The Elders of the Race have returned, bringing for this New Age, Spiritual Teachings and the Ancient Wisdom for the enlightenment and upliftment of ALL mankind. 

The Spiritual Lessons of Higher Spiritualism cover the entire gamut of human affairs, there is a Spiritual answer based on Cosmic sense for each dillema of the race. 

Spiritual insight from the Immortals now brings a new dawn to the era as we are taught the reality of personal, awake Survival beyond death. 

We study the incredible insightful Spiritual Lessons to gain knowledge to cope with the Revelation of the continuity of the Life experience, and to heal the pain of today. 

Historically, Higher Spiritualism commenced in Orange County, California in 1976.

Subsequently Higher Spiritualism was opened in Denver, Colorado in 1981, in San Diego, California in 1989, in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1991 and in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia in 1992. 

Higher Spiritualism Inc., Internet Web Site was on line April 1st 1998 

The Spiritual location of Higher Spiritualism is within the heart of man. 

Spiritualism as a modern day philosophy can be found in Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Italy, South Africa, South America, the South Pacific, United Kingdom and the United States.

All indigenous religion has Spiritual roots. The Spiritual Revelations introduced through Higher Spiritualism incorporate the highest and the best of Truth as found in Spiritism, Spiritualism, and all human thought, whilst clarifying the error.

With the technical communication network, known as the Internet, Higher Spiritualism is also found within the home. 

The Books, "Religion & State" and "Aids" are recommended to you. 

Consider the opportunity to become involved as a
Spiritual Leader in Higher Spiritualism.

As the worldwide movement continues to grow, local groups form in Worship, Fellowship and in Association. Each geographical area requires a Spiritual Coordinator or Spiritual Leader in Training. 

Soul growth appears to unfold on a curve parallel to involvement.

Spiritual Leadership is the fastest Path. For Members interested in Spiritual Leadership please acquire the Spiritual Leader Manual & Texts and other Lessons.

As we advance further into this Age of Enlightenment, let us be reminded that in our search for Truth, it is essential to sit down before facts like little children, and be willing to alter our opinions and beliefs in light of new evidence. 

Let us move quickly in removing preconcluded opinions, beliefs, age-old superstitions, dogmas, and fears from our minds and hearts and learn to love Truth, and each other as the One Living God decrees for us. 

The Members are the Sacred Objects, the precious Gems of this Movement. We do however, give as Commemoration gifts, beautiful Spiritually Imbued Silicon based Objects and other momentos to our Supporters. 

We are a Spiritual Family that is rooted in God.

We are a Spiritual Family that is aligned with God.

We love God.

We Love and respect one another.

We obey the Law of God and follow the Golden Rule.

We uphold individual freedom from Tyranny.

We seek Justice.

We work tirelessly for God's Law on planet Earth.

We are in Harmony with the Elders of the Race and the Higher Spiritualism Teachings.

We are a Spiritual Family that will endure.

Truth makes the difference.

Immortality makes the difference.

Our enduring Love in Action is the difference.

In the name of the Creator and Sustainer of Life.

Spiritual Founder Higher Spiritualism 

Each Month HIGHER SPIRITUALISM releases two or more, five to fifteen page SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS unto Mankind. 

The SPIRITUAL REVELATIONS contain beautiful Spiritual Teachings and Principles, Prophecy, Amazing Dispensations of Knowledge from the Higher Civilizations, Ancient Secrets Revealed and Spiritual Clairvoyant Insight into all Human affairs and the World News Headlines of the Day. 

As a Public Service we have provided a Sample of the Spiritual Revelations for your enjoyment and Spiritual enlightenment.  The first third of three of the Spiritual Revelations may be found on the Web Site, "Seven Sexes", http://www.sevensexes.org.au 

We sincerley appreciate your visit with us.

The Spiritual Lessons, Revelations and Spiritual News Slant Lessons are complimentary

Select the Revelation Title and Number from the SPIRITUAL REVELATION LIST, then Email your nominated request to spirit@hispirit.org.au

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